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The Danish card game brought over by 4kids Entertainment to the Americas.
Dracco Company Ltd, a Hong Kong-based Danish company, bought Chaotic from Solit Entertainment, before 4kids Entertainment bought it from Dracco.
by Worlder June 05, 2007
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Talks about others, tries to start trouble, gets others involved in trouble
Sometimes known as "Dramatic"
Dont tell her anything, she'll just run around and tell everyone else. She's so chaotic!
by SpunkyElle January 08, 2010
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britney spears' new docu-drama show about her love with kevin federline. extremely crappy cinematography. see - one night in paris.
that closeup picture was just like last night's episode of chaotic.
by blonde bombshell June 17, 2005
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as a lawful person believes in the ten commandments and even the eleventh chaotics only have one law and that law is.... et tu kill ... in holy scit it means they have no beliefs or conscience and that until that law can complete itself any chaotic creature is entirely under that laws command. just as we own a holy bible for example in this case the scriptural law et tu kill owns them
i had a freind who was chaotic to my cause ... i had some chaotics jump on me because they new not the law but the law new and owned them
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
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