Existentialism in its purest form is any philosophy which states that existence precedes essence; that is to say, that there is no inherent purpose in life (though normally this is not carried through to nihilism.). It also states that the physical world does not necessarily precede the conscious state, as a conscious mind must find itself in a world to attain consciousness in any meaningful state.
Nihilism is an extreme version of existentialism, as are most forms of solipsism.
by crabbadon October 18, 2007
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A philosophy which emphasizes the importance of choice. It suggests that we only exist (as human beings) if we make our own decisions independently of outside influence. However, while this freedom allows us complete control over our own destinies, it also suggests that we are the sole control over our destinies and are, as a result, isolated from God, society, and ourselves. This leads many to the conclusion that existentialism is depressing.
Officer: go over there!

Guy1: No.

Guy2: Just do what he says man.

Guy1: No I believe in existentialism. I make my own decisions.
by ersher August 28, 2008
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A philosophy which emphasizes the significance of existence and those actions which enable one to experience their own existence, such as making decisions or feeling emotions.


"I feel alone."
by Motivational Void. February 06, 2010
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"yolo" for philosophers
Man, I can't believe I just bombed that test. #existentialism
by datscience July 03, 2013
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you can use this word in pretty much any context and it will make you sound pretentious and/or confuse the person you're talking to.

it's a technique refined and highly over-utilized by pseudo-intellectuals.
"thoughts of existentialism breezed through my cavern of a mind as i walked under the concave arches in the courtyard of my prestigious university."

"there i was, caught in an existential dilemma. i decided to run the red light."

"i felt that the existentialist undertones in the simpsons represented the decay of religion in society."
by kirkegaard March 05, 2006
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there is a spoon
but you don't have to acknowledge it if you don't particularly want to.

see wickywicky
and then click on my other definitions by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie
i practise exdfcansdfndsjfism
you mean existentialism?
what! i can do whatever i want!
doesnt change that fact that you're a dumbass..
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie May 17, 2004
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The conundrum that will is a real phenomenon appearing from a false meta-state (materialism) and sense is a false phenomenon appearing from a real meta-state (sensualism).

The inability (and representational necessity) of a human being to tell the difference between individual will and sense or to confuse will FOR sense.

The conundrum of existentialism is equivalent to the a priori/a posteriori problem.

In contrastive religion, the sensualist divergence between Judaism and Hinduism.
Existentialism poses a conundrum: is sense will or is will sense?

It turns out that sensualISM is representationally individual will and collective will is meta-representationally individual sense.

Meta (self) - representation or tautology is the meta-state behind the existential conundrum.
by sandrashine September 03, 2018
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