Term for sexual intercourse may refer to vaginal intercourse (coitus) or anal intercourse
Billy and Jane were aardvarking in the dugout.
by Edward Thomas Nelson III September 26, 2005
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The up and down snorting of contents placed anywhere on or between a woman’s pussy and asshole.
I’d enjoy aardvarking carrot cake off some Colombian pussy and ass. Not too proud to admit that.
by Palm Desert Dawg February 5, 2021
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When two men touch their penises together tip to tip and one man rolls the foreskin of his penis over the penis of the other man. It is necessary that one man is uncircumcised.
OMG, those two dudes are totally aardvarking each other.
by minivanhalen October 3, 2010
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Aardvarking ahrd-vahr-king ;
Aardvarked ahrd-vahr-kt

To aardvark is to complete the following steps:
1. Put about 1 tablespoon of water in your mortar & pestle (or small bowl/dish) that is now littered with the final, hard-to-reach, hard-to-scrape remains of cocaine after a debaucherous night of having sex with your roommate’s sister and watching an entire season of “Trailer Park Boys.” Make sure the powdered remains are in the tiny pool of water
2. Take your plastic straw (which you had already stolen from a gas station and had cut into either 2 or 3 shorter straws, as aardvarkers are too hygienic, civilized and classy to use the filthy dollar bill in your wallet which contains 37 imperceptible traces of semen)
3. Vigorously snort these final remains of product
4. Revel in the 15 seconds of burning pain and discomfort
5. Now that you are undoubtedly the highest you’ve been all night, as aardvarking packs a powerful punch, you may begin constructing a plaque to hang in your office at work, which proudly states “I have aardvarked.”

You have just successfully aardvarked.
"Hey boss, I was gonna call in sick but after I started aardvarking, a thunderbolt of motivation struck me and I sprinted all the way here, blasting a Slayer album and I AM FUCKIN' READY TO SELL SOME CASKETS AND URNS!!! LET'S DO THIS SHIT!!!"
by crobinoscopy April 9, 2021
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When a man lies on his stomach with pillows propping up his hips and a woman licks the back of his ball bag and has her nose in his ass while the guy makes noises like an anteater.
My mom walked in on me and my girlfriend aardvarking and scared my gf so bad that she sneezed in my asshole.
by md5375 March 25, 2009
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An African animal, related to anteaters and armadillos. They're also good candidates for being mascots of christian kids' shows.
"The aardvark is a medium-sized, burrowing nocturnal mammal native to Africa." - Wikipedia, as if anybody's surprised.
by Harpagornis Moorei October 27, 2020
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When the tip of a mans uncircumcised penis is poking out of his Pyjama pants without his knowledge.
Dads always aardvarking in his sleep
by Jae.Cole June 30, 2021
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