Team RD is one of the most poppin teams in queenz ny

A team is a group of ppl who throw partys host partyz && etc
Yo team rd throws the best parties
by bunniiee July 19, 2009
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When the team spends a week team building and then finds out they are switching to another team and instead of saying "What the fuck".
I can't believe we have been agile training all week and then they go and change the teams, there goes Team-raudery!
by forwardslashdotj November 19, 2020
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Fucking a ho real good. ( sometimes someone may say “quake team” )

Lil marcc made da word ‼️- @liiilmarcc
I just hit dat ho wit da quake team

Dey call me nd da bros da quake team da way we fuck dese hors
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the process of breaking the ice enough to ascend to the status of team
we're so good at team building!
Ill shove you back in that freezer if you keep trying to make that ice melt
by yaryeetyert July 20, 2022
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Best, hottest, superior, team. whoops white teams ass every single time. everyone on blue is perfect in every way. all the other teams beside Blue Team are absolute freaks with no friends, social life, family, money, or anything else. If you are on blue team you can live with the pride of being amazing
“Did you hear how Ryan won Best Person in The World?”
“Yeah. He must have been on Blue Team.”
by diagrea May 11, 2022
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