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A mixture of liquid LSD, liquid psilocybin, and liquid MDMA. Do not ever attempt this.
I just did Chronos and now I can see the future, reverse time, and Full Confession is playing on repeat in my head.
by Pagan God of Memes October 10, 2019
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The alias for a man infamous for his exploits in both computer security and lockpicking. It is speculated that "Chronos" is 18 and a male, but no one knows for sure. It is also speculated that he resides in Arizona, but again, this can not be confirmed, all that is known is he is a bad ace and can gain access to any building.
"Did you hear what Chronos just pulled?"
by Brian L. W. March 19, 2006
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Reffering to the mighty being that is "Max Chronos" not much is know about this supreme being but all we know is that he has the power to make bad things happen and also the power to shift queues.
A religion has been set up in his name called Chronosology which offers preachers the protection of chronos (as well as a 50p holland and barret voucher and certain tax benefits in belgium)
It is also worth noting that chronos doesnt sleep, he simply "reboots" daily and at any given time he will have exactly 12 money off vouchers in his possession
Example 1
bill; dude i just like lost my wallet!
bob; damm you chrroooonnnoooss!!!

Example 2
Bill; Damm chronos this queue looks long, we will be here ages
Chronos; *chronos blinks* Look again....
Bill; WTF how did you do that??
by James Clarkson February 15, 2008
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institutional write ups
Did you catch any CHRONOS inside ?
by VAKI5 November 1, 2003
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Chrono is a company using Ruby on Rails to hack into the internet since Last Thursday, trying to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.
Chrono went to steal the election, but was rerouted into friendster.
by Ryan Kopf March 3, 2008
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Intentionally disparaging institutional slang term for when two incarcerated individuals who have fought or exchanged threats formally agree to get along and not hold animosity toward one another.
These two have willingly signed a marriage chrono, they can both stay here on the same yard with no worries and more importantly, no state liability.
by Dr Bunnygirl January 2, 2019
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A game that really needs to be made.
Note for slower persons: It'd be the sequel to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. And Dalton would be in it. ^_^
by 0niTTRay March 8, 2004
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