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A person with huge celebrity status
Oh my gosh he is such an a-lister, I wanna be like him.
by funnyaznz August 12, 2011
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Alisters are usually funny and charming guys. They may not be the brightest but they have big hearts and will never fail to make you smile.
No one can compare to Alister
by Hyena Hut Studios February 27, 2017
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Alister will love you. He always finds a way to come thru, and will always love you even if it doesn't seem like it
Friend 1 - How are you liking Alister?

Friend 2 - He's great but can get grumpy but still loves me.
by AiDaN1@#GjThUrfgHR December 16, 2019
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A derisive reference to a very minor celebrity. Closer to z-lister.
Did you see last year's Big Brother loser in the papers again? What an alister!
by N Ewon November 09, 2007
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Your dad that claps your mom while she’s enjoying dropping the soap.He is very cool and helps people when he does this actions they don’t know what to do because of the awesomeness.YOU FUCK
Alister clapped my mom and I could here it from 87 miles away.
via giphy
by Miningdiamondsfor3tears March 22, 2019
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A boy who blossom loves so much and would make babies
Alister: hi
Blossom: omg hi ily
Alister: date me bb gorl
Blossom: dim da lights bb ;)
by hot cynthia ;) June 08, 2020
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