The famous 24 hour race, a gruelling test of man and machine. A race so long that 23 hours can go right but in the end you still might not survive. Taking place at the Cirque De La Sarthe in France this race has been considered the most prestigious form of racing in the world for manufacturers. Le Mans stands next to Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship in europe for history and just as Rallying is unique for the different distances and terrains and Formula 1 is unique for its driver skill and technology Le Mans is known for its long distances and great engineering.
Current Champions ADT Champion Audi
Joining the ranks of the famous Bentley Boys,
the Aston Martin DBR1, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche.
by GMQ July 14, 2005
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A 24 hour endurance autorace in France. Ironically, it is usually taken over by foreigners. Dominating teams are/were the Bentley Boys from England, the Ford GT40 teams from the USA, the Audi teams from Germany, and the Corvette C5R teams from the USA. A famous movie was made based on the race.
That driver is trying to pull a Le Mans on the cop car!
by KlubMarcus August 5, 2005
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bizarre but highly loveable cross between a motorcycle and a very fast tractor engine.
Although they are no Ducati, they were rudely fast in their day, and have quite rightly aquired the glow of legendary status.
A well ridden example will still scare the crap out of a modern ricer on the right road, and sound superb while doing so.
Later examples got more powerful, faster, heavier, taller in the seat and scarier to ride at speed, the very best example of this is the Mk4, best avoided unless you LIKE surges of adrenalin for all the wrong reasons
"Hey man, I was riding my 1100 Honsakawaki the other day, and I crapped myself when i was overtaken around a corner by a guy on a really loud red bike"

"Oh, did you see what it was?"

"Well it sounded like a Harley on acid!, I thought it was a Ducati, but when I did catch up it was a Moto Guzzi Le Mans!"
by 750monza August 21, 2009
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An All powerful god that will fuck you up if you don't give him his Cheetos
Oh no! Le Cheeto Man is coming right for the orphanage! Hide the children!
by Le Cheeto Man February 24, 2021
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