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A gang in Southern Rhode Island. Inventors of the term "oh sittt," this gang has been known to be ruthless in the streets. To this day, they have ripped off 19 body parts of opposing gangstas. Members include The Infamous $toner, Jay-Jay, Parrrrrrot, The Numba One Stunna (NOS), The Lo-Pro(file) Gangsta (LPG), Styles, Peenut Budder, Jelly, Just Blais, and K-Cop. Just make sure when you are going through Southern Rhode Island, you have your AK-49 with you.
Aw, dawg, yesterday the a-Towners came into my hood, took every wallet in my house, ate all our food, and made out with my girlfriend, just before shootin out all the windows with their nines.
by The Infamous $toner April 15, 2005
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