Any person who likes to draw attention to one’s self in order to feel secure.

They feel most at home downtown, where they are free to attend numerous clubs and show off various useless skills.

Often on the shorter side, these people destroy anything/anyone that crosses their paths, including rampaging pencil-maniacs. In that particular case, the offenders are taunted then thrown into tables.

They do not respond well to any type of adult authority. Yet they still manage to avoid consequences in most situations.

On numerous occasions their free time is spent playing ridiculous pranks. Some of these pranks include stuffing a turkey in a classmate’s locker (this later ended up on the roof of the school) and leaving bags of feces on people’s door steps.

They most often are dressed in black with the occasional “too blue” jeans. In this case, they complain for an hour or so when they have realized their wardrobe malfunction. Changing the color has been attempted by scribbling over the odd colored areas with a pencil.

Along with the hoodie they would rather not part with despite the broken zipper, they also have a tendency to walk around the school singing songs recorded by The Beatles and The Doors. They do so while wearing their “Stoner Shades” which are more commonly known as Aviators.

They also have a tendency to injure themselves completing pointless actions. These moments usually occur on the way to or during the most boring class of the day. Some acts of stupidity include punching a locker, banging their knuckles against the side of a table, and numerous attempts to bring the feeling back into their numb limbs.
That Derek kid is such a fucking towner.
by Kelsey and Megan January 5, 2008
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A simply amazing person, usually male. Someone with an amazing dress sense and the hair style of a true god. Without them the world would be a worse place and contain no one to idolise.
Woah, did you see that Towner today?

I want to be that Towner kid.
by TOWNERBOI October 31, 2007
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A name given to a homie that crashes in Williamstown. See Williamstown & willi boys

those towners are the shizz
by hamghetti... September 19, 2006
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A gang in Southern Rhode Island. Inventors of the term "oh sittt," this gang has been known to be ruthless in the streets. To this day, they have ripped off 19 body parts of opposing gangstas. Members include The Infamous $toner, Jay-Jay, Parrrrrrot, The Numba One Stunna (NOS), The Lo-Pro(file) Gangsta (LPG), Styles, Peenut Budder, Jelly, Just Blais, and K-Cop. Just make sure when you are going through Southern Rhode Island, you have your AK-49 with you.
Aw, dawg, yesterday the a-Towners came into my hood, took every wallet in my house, ate all our food, and made out with my girlfriend, just before shootin out all the windows with their nines.
by The Infamous $toner April 16, 2005
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A name given to a homie that crashes in Williamstown. (See Williamstown & willi boys)
those towners are the shizz
by hamghetti... September 18, 2006
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Town or village residents description of a person or people who are "clearly not from around these parts".
Example: Small Town Texan says to Out of Towner, "Boy, you a long way from California, you in Texan now, you Out of Towners are all the same!".
by runner1937 December 11, 2013
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An unsophisticated person from a cattle-raising town that has a reading level of a kindergartener.
I hate how we have to put pictures on our menus for these cow towners.
by I will sue your ass. October 5, 2022
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