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The goofiest goober known to man. His goober levels are held together by his sheer attitude and vibe as well as his severe lack of self awareness. Allowing his gooberocity to exceed the threshold of someone being a goober intentionally.

For example see "My backpack got pissed on"
Person A: Did you see the story Malcolm Anderson posted yesterday?

Person B: Oh my God I did. It was so fuckin goofy.
by Funny sandwich man August 30, 2022
A high level goof that can only be performed by the highest council of goofsters. The details of it are also held away by the high council next to the secret recipe for coca cola.
Person A: Yo I'm boutta do a homeless prank on this dude

Person B: The fuck is a homeless prank?

Person A: *In a whisper* Can we get a target removal team out here?
by Funny sandwich man August 30, 2022
A term used to express relatability in a topic while simultaneously showing the extremity of it. Commonly used among a younger demographic.
Person A: That's a Cormac Bywater moment
Person B: Sooo true
by Funny sandwich man August 22, 2022
A state of being of nearly insatiable hunger. Being a wee bit peckish might require more than six large fridges worth of food. After the blind rage the peckishness sends one into they'll likely fall into a food coma. Usually a human body is enough to quench the hunger of the victim.
Person A: Ayy bro, I'm feeling a wee bit peckish

Person B: *Begins running*
by Funny sandwich man August 30, 2022
A popular drink found only in bars local to Wisconsin, Delaware, Detroit, Bangladesh, and Cincinnati. The the drink has elusive ingredients though it's effects are well documented. Most common effects are hallucinations and a lack of object permanence. Of course the name is derived from it's place of creation and it's usual tendency to cause people to blackout soon after consumption.
Person A: Dude I was in Bangladesh a few months ago. Have you ever heard of or tried a Wisconsin blackout?

Person B: A Wisconsin what?

Person A: Bro that shit had me fucked up. I think I pierced my own kneecap but I really can't remember.
by Funny sandwich man August 30, 2022
A term which has a variety of usage in multiple languages. In English yowiwoweyeur tends to be a slang term for expressing your disappointment in another person's spelling, typing, or grammar skills.

Other person: That's such a yowiwoweyeur moment ash.
by Funny sandwich man August 30, 2022