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A small town in the Texas Hill Country where kids from three different rehabs all come and live in halfway houses and go to 12-step meetings. Most relapse down by the river.
Is there anything to do in Kerrville besides go to the river and drink coffee at Hastings?
by Jbanana June 07, 2011

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When a situation gets complicated or extra drama is added to a situation.
It got really tricky when Nicole started bringing her new boyfriend around her daughter.
by Jbanana October 19, 2016

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Waiting for something for a long period of time that never happens or seemingly will never happen
Waiting for my husband to mow the lawn is like waiting for a giraffe to give birth
by Jbanana March 07, 2017

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An allegedly privileged and possibly racist club mentioned by the character Daniel on the scripted show "Southern Charm Savannah".. One of which no Bravo fan can find any trace of on Google
When Daniel on Southern Charm Savannah mentioned "Debtor's Club" I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and they didn't even have a clue what it meant!
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by Jbanana June 11, 2017

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