1. A delicious summertime cocktail containing 65% cheap wine and 45% fruit-flavoured Cider . While the recipe calls strictly for white wine, the flavour of Cider can vary (excluding Pomegranate). The cocktail's namesake is the "Growers" brand of apple cider, but some connoisseurs prefer the "Okanagan Premium" brand to "Growers".
"Zoe went to get some Okanagan Premium for the Wine Growers."
"Thanks for the delicious batch of Wine Growers, Kevin!"
"I can't believe Peter didn't like the Wine Growers, what a snob!"
"Ted, Lindsay and Lisa all had too much Wine Growers."
"Let's bring a bottle of Wine Growers on the bus with us; what could possibly go wrong?"
by Skywalkers July 6, 2009
A Californian term used to describe a pound of weed. normally comes with 7-8 extra grams for personal use for the buyer.
"I bought a grower's pound last weekend, you ready to smoke?"
by ButtPowder March 16, 2016
a sexual fetish community in which a man (the feeder) gorges a woman (the grower) to the point of imobilizing her. It is a queen-bee fetish in which the feeder worships the grower who, being immobile, must rely on him for her every need. They have sex in her belly-button, and progress is measured by the increasing depth of her belly button.
I saw a real live grower and feeder couple down at Folsom Street.
by dumpywhore April 28, 2005
Knee grower. A person dear to your heart that is a very cool bitchin Dude.
"What up Jason, hows my knee Grower?"
by Lil L Bomb September 3, 2006
trader who does not show the full volume on a bid/offer is a grower not a shower.
The seller who originally showed an offer for 50 lots on a V17 2.50/2.75 1x2 Put Spread can now offer for 100 lots. He's a grower not a shower.
by AFERN03 February 10, 2017
A Rice Grower Is A Asian Person Since They Eat Rice Alot
Hey Rice Grower Go Make Me A PSP.
by T12 April 8, 2006
A shower already has a big penis when flaccid and does not grow much more and a grower has a small penis flaccid but grows a lot having an erection
"Johnny has a small dick!"
"Nahhh he's a grower not a shower."
by guuuuuurrrrrrlllllllllllllllll November 19, 2013