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a girl who would do almost anything to always get attention.
"Look at Lia acting like a britney spears with her pink lacy thong wrapped around her left ankle."
by Kirk Lawrence July 03, 2006
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a makeup/singing project that went really bad,was used as a inhumanity torturring device.
was a part of a experiment for making monkeys sing.
after a long time they figure a way to make a britney spears sound almost natural, they sent the project out in the world
lipsynching like it was teatched in the lab for many
year, builded bigger boobs on to get some audience to the lipsynching festival.
tryed to infect madonna with herpes and bird flu.
made a lot of money torturring iraqis with pictures around the walls. Still not enough to get layd, so works as a very cheap underground prostitute in the zoo to bee the monkeys bitch.
no,no,no not on a britney spears concert!, I will cut of my leg so i cant,no ... not a wheelchair! i will loose me arms then.. not drag me! i will remove my ears then...
nooo,stop! then i poke out me eyes... ahhhhhh
by HeavyMetal April 14, 2006
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