A female of caucasian decent that wants every male to enjoy her brain and physique, but is unwilling to allow sexual contact with her hoo ha. Any sexual contact with said region will require a complex devirginization ceremony.
Although she was the most treasured virgin of all the land, no man was willing to complete the rigorous training necessary to deflower the National Treasure.
by William Gary Rosenberg January 17, 2009
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The medium-dense line of soft fur adorning the canvas of Nicolas Cage's navel to the base of his monument.
What an incredible trip to Boston! I only wish we could have eaten some hummus from the National Treasure Trail.

Nicolas Cage has lured many a starlet to tour his National Treasure Trail.
by Ron Rhymes May 27, 2014
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“This is Kim Sunoo, a national treasure boy whose face contains all 24 seasons of Korea's beautiful four seasons.”
Kim Sunoo National Treasure Boy of Korea indeed
by Belift Naver Korea September 15, 2021
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Have you ever used a charity to achieve your own fame?

Do you call getting your leavers form signed an "appearance"??

Then you my friend are a Miss Teen National Treasure. During the reign of being Miss Teen National Treasure you post 3 of the same photos on Instagram, wear a crown, and make appearances.
I am your Miss Teen National Treasure because I raised money for charity only because I knew it'd make me 'famous'
by Veganlyf420 July 19, 2017
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The "National Treasure" is when you nut a secret message on their back and later reveal it with a UV light.
What should we do on the weekend babe?
Let’s National Treasure and chill.
by TheBabadookie May 27, 2022
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