A male or female teacher who makes your life a living hell, ruins your year, and smiles at you while doing it.
Student: Bruh my math teacher just ruined my life.
Teacher: Im giving extra homework to all talkers.
Student: Fuck.
by Bbg_Shae September 18, 2019
Our asian math teacher could not speak english so he became a math teacher.
by Kamuela April 1, 2009
A person (although you may doubt that they're actually human at times), hired and paid to torture young children between the ages of 7-18, usually using creative and meaningless methods you will forget instantaneously after the torture session and never have to use again in your life. This will occur in a special section of Hell labeled "School", where you will also be subjected to various other attempts to steal your mental stability; although math class is most certainly the one you have to be most wary of.
Administration: "What methods of torture do you have planned for today, Math Teacher Mr/Ms. *Insert evil sounding name here*?
Math Teacher Mr/Ms. *Insert same evil sounding name used above here*: "I was thinking of Pre-Calc and maybe a sprinkle of algebra and geometry to really get them crying"
Administration: "Sounds like a fantastic idea! Remember though, make sure to assign more homework to them than you actually have to just to make sure that their stress is at an all time high! We wouldn't want to get one-upped by the psychiatric ward like we did last time."
by KaiBoi_Senpai November 16, 2020
Sexual position when you are doing a woman from behind and you yell out math problems like "What is the square root of 4, bitch?" and "what is 5+5, bitch?" You fuck her harder and harder to try to get her to get these simple problems wrong.

My girlfriend and I tried the tony danza and the math teacher last night.
by MIF's baby February 27, 2007
A person with the sole purpose to make your life and education more difficult - often causing mental and in some extreme cases physical illnesses.
Student: Hi Math Teacher, how are you doing?
Math Teacher: Hello y/n, I see that you are enjoying your day, let me just ruin it really quick <3
by baddestbytch February 26, 2020
One of the best teachers, they are so nice they sometimes can be strict but usually, they're nice barely any homework.
by Urban is the cure of bordom November 13, 2020