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Under US law, bad words bypass the first amendment. It is a cause for execution.
Timmy: Heck you

FBI Agent: Hello, Timmy. Don’t say bad words around here.
by CultistOfJimmy November 07, 2018

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anybody who reads the urban dictionary
i am a loser
by CultistOfJimmy January 25, 2019

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Widely considered one of the worst creations of humans, spawned from a nuclear bomb. The Anime is a terrifying plague which has infected many basement dwellers throughout the United States and Europe, turning them into the horrifying weaboos. There is no known cure, and those infected are shot on sight.
Basement Dweller 1: Do you have the anime?
Basement Dweller 2: Yes, on my PC.
Basement Dweller 1: *Kills basement dweller 2 to protect himself from the plague*
by CultistOfJimmy March 25, 2019

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A certain species of starfish. Considered critically endangered due to the fact that the species contains only one individual.
90s Kid: Too bad the Patrick Star is beginning to go extinct.
Dumb kid with a fidget spinner: What’s a Patrick?
by CultistOfJimmy August 06, 2018

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