used to refer to a flat-chested female with small posterior booty, as well!
{a Plank is used to refer to a flat-chested female with small posterior booty, as well!

Look at her, if she turns sideways it looks like
she has two backs. She looks like a wooden plank!
by internet comedian December 12, 2019
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Planked - Hit with the ugly stick
"That galdem Trisha is peng... but her mate Stella is PLANKED"
by Herbert Schweffe February 23, 2021
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Proof that humanity has sunk to its lowest point in history thus far. It is the act of lying completely flat across pretty much anything in an urban setting. A friend will take pictures of the act and, of course, post them on Facebook or Twitter. Much favored by hipsters, douchebags, and the like. This trend is currently sweeping the internet, reason: unknown.

Proof that literally ANYTHING can catch on if enough idiots think it is "cool".
Hipster 1: "Hey guy, I just took some awesome planking photos at the Starbucks downtown!"

Hipster 2: "DUDE! I was planking on some benches at the quad yesterday!"

Normal person: "You guys are fucking stupid."
by OhJustGetOverIt July 21, 2011
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When a man has really bad morning wood but he also has to pee so he lays on top of the toilet to pee
I broke my nose because I fell off the toilet while planking this morning
by Im IN Faze Clan 101 November 2, 2015
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MMORPG Old School Runescape slang word for the one who performs poorly when being attacked by multiple players at once
Player 1: "King Quints was such a plank!"
Player 2: "Yes indeed lol!"
by JohnLegend8808 February 19, 2021
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Person 1: Have you heard of this new craze called Planking?

Person 2: You fool, it's called Extreme Lying Down, and it's been around for years!
by Funky W May 15, 2011
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British 'slang' term for an individual whose mental capacity is similar in aptitude to a piece of wood.
Bill: 'So, do these guys know what they're talking about?'

Ben: 'No, they're a bunch of fuckin' planks'
by iznt July 17, 2009
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