MMORPG Old School Runescape slang word for the one who performs poorly when being attacked by multiple players at once
Player 1: "King Quints was such a plank!"
Player 2: "Yes indeed lol!"
by JohnLegend8808 February 19, 2021
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British 'slang' term for an individual whose mental capacity is similar in aptitude to a piece of wood.
Bill: 'So, do these guys know what they're talking about?'

Ben: 'No, they're a bunch of fuckin' planks'
by iznt July 17, 2009
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A non management salaried employee constantly guilt tripped to work unnecessary over time on tasks that have no true objective other than to provide management satisfaction knowing the employee is wasting their time.

Derived from “Walk the Plank,” the humor being that the employee doesn’t get to leave.
A: Why is **** always staying late? She does know she doesn’t get overtime, right?

B: She’s a plank.


C: Hey ***, I’m going to have *** sort these old vouchers, I bet he’ll stay like an hour.

D: Walk the Plank!
by Bricked March 13, 2021
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There are three types of planks:

A plank of wood
Jonny 2x4's best buddy (From Ed, Edd and Eddy)
or a realy dumb fuck

Choose wisely
Where's my bloody plank?
Don't say anything plank!
What a complete and utter plank!
by Diccyc April 2, 2005
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To purposely lie face down with hands and feet together. Usually done in a weird location such as on stairs, vending machines, or cars. The point of this act is to photograph it and place it on FaceBook where it will be marveled at and or laughed at.
Planker: Yesterday I Planked Mr.Booker's desk when he was turned around.

Friend: What?? Did you get a pic and put it on FaceBook?

Planker: Bro, of course i did!!
by RobbieTheFeen May 26, 2011
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A woman that doesn't know what to do during sex, typically a lazy girl or amatuer who lays on her back or stomach and planks while the man does all the work. Making this unpleasant to have sex with.
My dude, I finally had sex with her, and she didn't know what to do , that bitch was a plank.
by RealGee February 26, 2016
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To plank: to have a planned wank. Being planned will involve some sort of preparation eg tissues ready, computer, 'special sites' etc
John: What are you doing tonight Will?
Will: I'm going to have a crafty plank, parents are out...
John: You sly dog.


Man A: I'm so stressed at the moment!
Man B: Why dont you have a plank tonight?
Man A: What's that?
Man B: *whispers in ear*
Man A: What, even with cushions and the lot? What a great idea, thanks bud!
by aslyone August 29, 2010
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