a girl who looks smokin' from far away but upon coming close you see her face and she's ugly.

good jersy, bad helmet i.e. the Bengals.
"Yeah, that girl's a Bengal."

"She looked good from the boat but when we pulled close to the dock I turned around after I saw her face."
by sllabtus February 3, 2005
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derived from the ferocious Bengal tigers, calling someone 'a Bengal' means he/she is fierce; a savage
She can purr like a cat when she is happy but if you rub her on the wrong side, she'll turn in to a Bengal. And when that happens, Scram!
by SpeechIsGolden June 28, 2006
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1. Classy
2. Sexy
3. Good looking
4. Intellectual
5. A Winner

A Bengal is someone who originates from Bangladesh, a country located in South Asia. Bangladesh is a country full of rich culture and history. After enduring years of struggle and hardship, Bengals have become independent, strong and ambitious.
"yo that chick is a bengal.."
"that guy MUST be a bengal, hes soo flyy"
by QU33N May 25, 2007
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n. In reference to the Cincinnati Bengals: the Ohio State Correctional System work release program.
A member of the bengals just got sent back to prision.
by Dan Weyandt September 1, 2009
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a professional football team from cincinnati. this team enjoyed decent success in the eighties, by making it to two super bowls in eight years. uring the nineties and into the 21st century they lost more games than any other professional team ever. as of late they have began to rebuild and are a playoff hopeful (2003). as far as not having a website, they have one. for the fucking jackass who said they didn't, look it up fuck face. WHO DEY!!!!!!
no fucking way... the bengals are 8-6 with two games left and might make the playoffs!!!
by troy December 16, 2003
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a quality team for quality people
yeah...us browns might lose a shitload...but hey, we sure as hell have a good time doin it!
by lord funkington May 25, 2004
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The bengals have nothing but criminals on their team.
by pablo_escobar December 25, 2011
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