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Normally very chill and can take alot of annoyance and pain but when she's really mad you have to beware. She can become your worst nightmare if she is mad at you. She will either like you or hate you. She is very quiet until you get to know her. Once you do you will see how nice, caring, and thoughtful she is. Also she is very silly and weird. She is normally loved by all and wants to be friends with everyone.
Guy 1"She is so nice and fun! "
Guy2"Yea she's zoie."
Guy 1"That makes alot of sense."
by Katrina Hills May 09, 2017
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A zoie is a person who is beautiful but doesn't believe it. Shorter than most, but loves sports!
Me:you are so pretty!
Zoie: no I am not! I am ugly!
by DidYouKnowTheBackpackKid November 13, 2017
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Zoie is typically a brunette. She has a wild sense of humor. Zoie can be very lazy. She laughes at stupid things and she has a lot of stuffed animals. Zoie will do things whenever she feels like it but only if she wants to do it. She is a good friend and won’t drop someone that easily.
β€œThat girl looks like a Zoie”
by Joswehdakittycat June 18, 2018
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When used to describe (adjective): Of perfection. Ideal in looks, intelligence, wit and charm. Exudes a aura of pure beauty.
When used as an action (verb): Hyper creativity, an overflow of ideas and actions immediately tranferred into motion.
a. (adjective) The Zoie walked into the room and was instantly the center of attention.

b. (verb) The painter worked with zoie, throwing many different paints at the canvas with vigor.
by Wendy (Zoie's Mom) May 17, 2007
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Zoie is a person who is really hyper and always happy, you have to tell her to slow down to under stand what she is saying, she is usually dirty blounde and brown eyes, she is a awsome person, but when it comes to her best friend geating hurt by someone, someone is dead. She Always finds the good in everything.
Teacher: Zoie you are suspended. Zoie: ok, fine with me I do not like your shitty food anyways /skips down the hall to tell her bff the good news/
by By best fren Emily April 11, 2017
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A really self-confident , cool, pretty, fun, outgoing, nice, short person ,who really likes food and always gets mad at tall people for their height !!
Woah did you see Zoie today she looks great but really short!

Zoie-"HEY , and yeah I know I look great
by guyscheatwithsarah June 07, 2016
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