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Zohaib is known to be a king of a lost city and the WORD Zohaib stands for king
look here comes the zohaib
by the_EYE December 22, 2017
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Word used to describe a hot male
Wow! Your looking very zohaib today!
by Brian Bobby March 07, 2008
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There was once a legend of some kind of super noob. A mythical creature called zohaib. The deadliest noob in the world, zohaib noobed countless people.
1. OOHHH, you got zohaibed!!
2. Zohaib killed you in counterstrike!, you're the biggest NOOB EVER!!!
by Homer March 26, 2005
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a mythical state of mind or place.. sometimes describe a certain wavelength.. the 69th to be precise

if ever trying to escape a zohaib.. speed walk up or down a flight of stairs and he will perish behind you
try not to get zohaibed today

a leap of faith into stairs
by jayrayshawn December 12, 2012
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