Hippy. Long-haired, peace and weed loving, beeds and sandles wearing, incense burning love child. dead head.

From the "Zobo Fun Band," a popular mid1970s Hippy band from upstate new york.
Hey, let's buy some weed from that Zobo friend of yours.
by Nomi Malone April 18, 2005
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a cool cat that knows circus tricks
an example would be puss in boats or an alley cat
by mandy may April 27, 2005
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The sound Dr. H's boobs make when bouncing.
Wow that is some loud zobo!
by Joe Smoth April 8, 2006
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mentally retarded skank-ho-bag
For example people who's names are: zobo Ronda, zobo Ashley,zobo Sam, zobo Jessica, zobo Lauren, zobo Lisa, zobo Christina, zobo Madison, zobo Sarah, zobo Tina, zobo Megan, zobo Dwayne, zobo Lee, zobo Fredrick, zobo Alana, zobo Kim, zobo Kimberly,zobo Jaclyn, and the list goes on.
by church man November 11, 2007
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an intentionally false statement. In other words, a lie.

Originating from colloquial slang from Western-Africa.
Psych, even this definition is cold zobo!

P.S. it is not lol
by marvy101 September 18, 2022
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Jeremy: I'm high as shit
Johnny: you're in the zobo zone
by Gjoke April 6, 2017
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