(n): Another term for blunt or L.

Originates from the term baked zitied
Kid 1: "Oh damn, lemme hop in on this bomb cyphe!"
Kid 2: "No doubt son, take a seat. feel the heat!"
Kid 3: "Yo that's 2 hits! Pass the ziti!"
by m.Cdowd July 13, 2009
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A colony, or "city" or zits growing on ones face. Mainly consisting of fifteen or more zits on a single person's face.
"Hey Billy, you have a zity growing on your face! Ever heard of 'Proactiv®'?"
by Rick Hey September 08, 2008
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1,000 dollars
Mafia Talk for card games

Give him 10 boxes of ziti.
by Hyde@#cF January 29, 2005
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(v): the state of being absolutely fried when smoking a fat blunt.

synonyms: high, bombed, zooted, spliffed, blasted, toasted, baked
Stoner 1: "Yo! Pass the nugget!"
Stoner 2: "Hell yeah, I'm feeling roasted off of this L."
Stoner 1: *inhales* "Whew, I'm baked zitied kid!"
Stoner 2: "Hahaha, yes!"
by m.Cdowd July 13, 2009
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Even though she's gluten free it didn't stop me from movin ziti last night
by loldi May 30, 2019
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A delicious pasta dish involving ziti macaronni, tomato sauce, crushed meatballs, mozzarella cheese, herbs, and spices.
Ziti does not necessarily have to be baked, but tastes better when it is.
Since I'm Italian, every Sunday I have pasta and Chicken Cutlets. My favorite pasta dish is baked ziti.
by sexy white boy August 01, 2005
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