A Fast Food Chain located in Hawaii most popular in the island of Oahu, This restaurant sells Hawaiian lunches and chili. Zippy's was very popular and is usually next to the Napoleon Baker which sells cake, donuts, desserts, etc.
You want to get Zippy's? No i don't like chili, lets go to McDonald's
by MinesomeMC November 13, 2016
To bum} and beg from others all the time for items such as spare change, beer, food, compassion, and nookie. Also, lacking in dignity and intelligence. Condition possibly linked to limited gene pool, vast ammounts of drug use, and not reading books in while in the libary.
"man, the concert was great but alot of those guys in the lot were zippying the hell out of us."

"Dude, stop zippying out and try to think - where did you put the keys?"
by Gordon Sumner December 10, 2004
When a man goes to a strange woman’s house and jerks off into a zip lock bag (that he brought with him). After he is done ejaculating into the bag he leaves and takes the bag with him. What he does with the bag after he leaves is his business.
I met a woman on Craigslist and she asked me to come over for a zippy. Now I have a bag of jizz I don’t know what to do with.
by Insomniac Snack February 13, 2022
A high-tech hippie.

Someone who embraces technology, while still holding on to the hippie roots of peace, love, unity and respect.

A old soul, well-versed in new technology.

Evolved from the British 1990's Zippy movement.
Man, there are a lot of zippies at this concert!
by Moonyalen November 7, 2014
Another name for a plastic ziplock bag; for sandwiches and food items...or drugs if you like.
-"Hey Tony, hand me a zippy, this cheese aint gonna keep itself fresh."

-"Yo Adrian, get me a zippy, this kid called in for an eighth of the Kali Mist"
by Sirus2008 January 31, 2011
The greatest hero in the history of the Empire. A feared adversary of Rebels everywhere.
Zippy pwnzors you!
All fear Zippy, Lord of the Sith!
Zippy! Zippy! The Imperial horse thingy!
by Hippo February 7, 2005
a girl who prefers to go "au natural". Typically these girls have a hippie theme to their look and clothing. This may include unshaved legs, and armpits. The defining characteristic however, is long and typically unwashed hair which leads to a series of pimples or zits on the back. Thus, a zippie.
Ron: Dude, I saw you go home from the club with that hippie chick last night, was she weird.

Jason: oh yeah, but she was actually a zippie. I was popping zits all night!


Justin: Todd, you know zippies aren't welcome in this store!
Todd: Then you better stop carrying those little brown cigarettes! Those little brown cigarettes are like bees and honey when it comes to those zippie chicks!
by Baller207 July 3, 2009