in Arabic slang, it means "my dick"
when u don't like to answer any question
-who was that guy we saw yesterday in the party? - zippy (my dick)
by Eziooo November 25, 2019
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A type of person good to love, caring and sometimes to hate. There are many detours on words and forgot some instructions that later on changed. You can't know which is which.
: You're like zippy!

: I need to avoid being zippy.
by zIpPy.8 June 08, 2021
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zippy is the act of getting the Gawk Gawk 3000 from an infamous furry fiction writer and perceiving to give them head pats since they are a good boie uwu
“yo nico neuman gave me that zippy last night”
“no way, did you watch zootopia after?”
by vesper69420 June 18, 2021
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