An Island in Hawaii full of Japanese tourists and people with 1 billion races. With Honolulu as its capital. Locals hate white people, even though the leaders are either Asian or white.
Ex #1: Guy 1: Hey where You from? Guy 2: Oahu Guy 1: OOwahee? Guy 2: NO OAHU!
Ex #2 Knock, Knock who's there Owa,Owa who?, Oahu, heh get it?, nvm
by MinesomeMC November 13, 2016
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Oahu is one of the Hawaiian islands mostly get japanese tourists mixed with other race. The north side of Oahu is usually where all the haole stay everybody go there like one haole hotspot. Den get da south side of oahu where everyone think they run that place. Cant forget about the east side of oahu where everyone think there top shit but really they sked of you all the rich people live there so they think they own that damn place. Then there's the west side of oahu where the og hawaiians live. Down there they really mokē and get pissed at everything you do especially if you haole just dont give eye contact you heard cause the people over there is nuts especially the ones in kapolei too. That's also where all the crackheads live and where kids run around in there panty and bebadeezz but the west side has the best beaches you'll ever live to see just dont steal there wave or you gonna have a problem cuz let me tell you now they won't hesitate to give you cracks. But enjoy that place it's a really nice island if you respect the people.
Ex1: Ehh get back in da house and stop runnin outside wit ya bebadeezz on for I lick you.
Ex2: Ehh you seen daht bugahh lookin at u.

Ex: hoo oahu get da best beaches ahh.
by Suppahhhman November 7, 2018
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The legendary group of Captain Matador, Choncho(chad), Russ(Rancho), Jon(Jonito), Gabe(sanchito), Dorito(Deedub), Jen(jenito) Who came up with the legendary game "would you blast?", this group infamously raised the bar on the island of Oahu for their legendary style of blasting, charging, organized mob style partying on the island of Oahu
The OP's or the Oahu Pimps as they are widely known are an invite only society of ragers on the island of Oahu. They are led by the original Charger Captain Matador, and they are notorious for nights of debauchery. Special Requests for membership are so secretive no one knows how to do it. The only way is to discover who the Captain is.
by El Capitan Matador June 18, 2009
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OTS stands for Oahu transit services , they believe urban dictionary is a sufficient source for evidence even though anyone can add anything here as a made up meaning there fore anything on urban dictionary is not a creditable source
Person 1 : I currently work for OTS

Person 2: what is OTS
Person 1: Oahu transit services
OTS Oahu transit services
by Random texan August 29, 2018
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