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The act of speak over some one when its there turn to speak. This is more common in debates and politics. This can be simply "wrong!" or "She's a liar, look at her" which then is argued by "Let her speak"
She triggered him so much, that he intertrumped her, making him a meme.

When Donald became president, he will intertrump every time the president of China or Mexico talks.
by MinesomeMC November 15, 2016
Donald Trump mix up of 7 Elevenand the 9/11 attacks which occurred in September 11th not July 11th
A sad day when the Twin Gas Stations where hit by two Boeing 747 Trucks, Donald Trump saw it happening all the way from Trump tower. 7/11 attacks where tragic.
by MinesomeMC November 15, 2016
A series started b YouTube Channel JacksFilms, to answer questions in the most humorous and stupid way possibly. JackAsk has almost 100 episodes. This is very similair to a QNA, yet its mostly his fans asking him why he is gay (which hes not, or is he? dun dun dunnnn) or why he has a big forehead.
Welcome to Jackask episode #54! TotallyRealUser45 aks: Whats 45*2? ... Yes
by MinesomeMC November 13, 2016
An Island in Hawaii full of Japanese tourists and people with 1 billion races. With Honolulu as its capital. Locals hate white people, even though the leaders are either Asian or white.
Ex #1: Guy 1: Hey where You from? Guy 2: Oahu Guy 1: OOwahee? Guy 2: NO OAHU!
Ex #2 Knock, Knock who's there Owa,Owa who?, Oahu, heh get it?, nvm
by MinesomeMC November 13, 2016
A Fast Food Chain located in Hawaii most popular in the island of Oahu, This restaurant sells Hawaiian lunches and chili. Zippy's was very popular and is usually next to the Napoleon Baker which sells cake, donuts, desserts, etc.
You want to get Zippy's? No i don't like chili, lets go to McDonald's
by MinesomeMC November 13, 2016
Napoleon's Bakery is a very popular bakery in Hawaii, Mostly in the Island of Oahu. The Bakery sells bread, cakes, pies, croissants, donuts, etc. and is a popular place to by birthday cakes. This Baker is commonly forged with Zippy's a Hawaiian Food chain that sells chili.
Costumer: I need a cake for my grandma.

Cashier: Go to Napoleon's Bakery

Costumer: But we're here, idiot
by MinesomeMC November 13, 2016
Also known as q&a or Question and Answers, is a common thing among YouTubers and Celebrities. What happens is the Person sends a tweet and asks their viewers to ask questions and then selects the good questions or just the stupid ones and possibly make a whole series on it *cough* JackAsks *cough*. After they has their questions they make a video answering them, sometimes in a stupid manner or in a honest manner.
Guys I'll be making a QnA, today!
ImARealUser420 asks What is 5 divided by 5
well ... No
KillerUser69 asks are you french?
Wi! (Yes)
by MinesomeMC November 13, 2016