Trippie redds team. Used to be a gang but now it’s no longer used in a gang related fashion.
by Nathan1400 November 1, 2018
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its where trippie redds gang is from
1400 bitch
by 1400xanarchy September 10, 2017
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1400, otherwise known as fourteen hundred is a hacking group. They are popular in the doxxing (Gaining personal information on one's victim) community and swatting community for targeting high-profile Twitch streamers and rivals that need not see fit in their eyes, they did this by using online resources and proceed to input this information into a data profile (Dox), from this information they would call the local police department (PD) and use a method that they see fit, this would include a hostage method (Claiming that you've got hostages and that you will shoot them if the police come), or a normal swat method (Claiming that you have a gun and killed someone, and shortly after pretending to shoot yourself).
Holy fucking shit! Did you see that swat that 1400 just did! That bitch was nearly shot.
by Fourteen Hundred April 19, 2021
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A bunch of gods that will fry your router be careful and avoid chaos or chaqsXP he will make your router steam if u send his irls
Chaos: i am from liverpool and i will fry ur router 1400 clan
by Lkidjustamcpeplayer September 18, 2020
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1400 (aka Exo) is a Minecraft clan founded by Zwagkii.
Hayden Copeland: PLEASE LET ME JOIN 1400 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Zwagkii: no
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