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1: An object or action that is especially Zigis.
2: A tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, 6'4", Californian in New York City.
1: Yo that party last night was so Zigis.
2: Zigis is so Zigis.
by Zigster February 11, 2005
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Zaccheaus and Gigi transpose into ZIGI! When a zaccheaus meets a Gigi it’s like meeting your highschool lover. These two are just Mentally together and may bicker s lot but always come together as one, zigi is a prime example of love st it’s heightened senses🙏🏼 They go everywhere together and can just make every situation amazing, they are the ultimate duo! So go ahead and get you a zaccheaus Gigi and Zaccheaus get you a Gigi!!!
Guy to girl: did you see “ZIGI” in the hall, damn I wish I had that mf relationship.. it’s the best....

Girl to girl: GURRRRL you see Zaccheaus and that white girl. Damn she luckyyyyy.
by GODLY Z-EAZY June 12, 2018
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"man, it really sucks that zigi broke up. they were so cute! i guess it was so that zayn could focus on his music.."
by crybb June 29, 2016
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A sassy and quick thinking girl who will not stop arguing with you until you succumb and admit she's right.
I heard Zigi and Namjoon are debating again.. this time about rubber ducks and what they're made out of.
by got7 July 30, 2017
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