The most amazing guy in the world. He's sweet, funny, and makes everyday worthwhile. He has those eyes, eyes that can melt your heart with just one glance. A guy that is supper handsome. He's perfect.
Do you know Gery? oh ya i know Gery, he's perfect.
by aamtc March 11, 2012
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When you get paranoid from the littlest thing; another term for a bitch. Can also be used as a term for a snitch, or someone who cheats away your money.
Paul: I Drank way too many 5 Hour Energys, call 911!

Chad: Calm down dude, don't gery man!

Dev: Yo dude, that guy just geryed me out of my weed man.

Dan: Dude, go pop his tires!
by Danknezz March 12, 2010
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Gery can be a s/he she has a big heart and is not afraid to tell you the right way to do something. She is the best thing that would happen to you. Do you know a Gery? Well you should meet one she is one of the most kindest and prettiest persons around❤️❤️❤️.
“Who’s that pretty girl over there”

“Why that’s Gery isn’t she gorgeous
by My BFF Gery November 27, 2019
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Punjabi word for therapeautic release of happiness harmones effectuated through a drive in a lux car, good music, drunk PASSENGERS and gossip
Bro! let's go on a geri, to celebrate this random friday evening?
by indiannomadinthemaking March 14, 2021
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Short for Geraldine. THE MOST beautiful, sexiest, saucy, smokin hot, gorgeous woman you have ever laid eyes on. Also known for the nicest booty. She is more beautiful that the moon, the stars. She WILL be the best you have ever had in bed! THE BEST at everything in that category! Some even say her beauty can kill kind of like a ninja! She is an exotic beauty. Beautiful hair and a smile that will draw you in. Most likely of royal blood. A Queen or a Princess.
I want to be Geri!
by tiki999 February 3, 2010
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Gery is the best person ever. She is so fucking amazing. Shes beautiful, funny, talented, shes just so perfect for me. I love you so much <3
Me: Look it's Gery :! She's so pretty :)
P2: Yeah! She is!
by annananannabanana September 5, 2021
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People named Gerie are usually very loud, but in the best way possible. They’re extroverted and outgoing, with an awesome sense of humor. They’re never afraid to defend their friends and they heavily enjoy music and sports.
Lauren: Is that Gerie?
Jessica: Yeah, she’s a really good friend!
by robloxgamer987notamber December 12, 2019
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