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Zaccheaus, Godly, compassionate, caring, loving, and just overall the ideal role model and lover. Zaccheaus is someone you want to be surrounded by, someone you want to date and love. This ideal person will protect his woman and equally spoil her. Zaccheaus is a loving figure who will not be lied to but is forgiving. He’s a happy type of person who just loves to joke around and play. Go ahead and cop you a ZACCHEAUS. Zaccheaus’s also are really friendly and have many friends who are girls but if you date one his loyalty is to you so no need to worry😴
Bro! Did you see Zaccheaus and his girl... he treats her like a queen.

Man Zaccheaus is my ideal lover😭
by GODLY Z-EAZY May 24, 2018
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Wonderful friend, giving and caring. Loves his friends especially Ciara. Money hungry and likes to have fun. Big spender especially when it comes to food a Zaccheaus will spend lots! Great person need more men like him.
Wow, that damn Zaccheaus really knows how to go and get a bag, don’t he?
by Fuckmypussydaddy April 21, 2019
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