Zay is a response to a question or statement that baffles your mind so much that you only have one response. Usually asked by someone who is confused or lost in life.
Question: Do you guys want to check out the WNBA game tonight?
Response: Zay
by Kyle Bartley November 28, 2007
The word Zay is a thinking man's word and has many different usages: It, This, That, Him, Her etc. Zay is a universal word taking tha place of thousands of pointless nouns. By the year 2008, Zay will be a household word. "Zay", founded in the year 2000 by Websters Pulitzers Shane BD. Doe, and Lary AP. Leray will give the English language a energized, new meaning.
1. I want zay.
2. I love zay
3. Give me zay.
4. I don't like zay

1. I don't like that zay.
2. She's a pretty zay.
3. The zay doesn't smell good.
4. The zay is too long.
by Pilip HA. Facio June 3, 2004
He’s the guy who thinks so highly of himself. Knows what he has to offer & expects nothing less than that. He is a strapping, unique, guy who surprises you by his charm & charisma. Zay is one of a kind
There is no one like Zay
by Desfromdisney July 17, 2019
Zay is a VSCO girl sksksksksk, and is also a Dadmin who wants to sAvE tHe tUrTlEs wItH hiS hYdrOfLaSk.
zay what you wanna zay

and let the words fall out
by Foxieuwu October 7, 2019
Zay Zay is a girl who everyone likes, she is very pretty and kind. All the boys want her and everyone wants to be friends with her. She loves to laugh and hangout with her friends. She is a baddie and people adore her. A lot of girls get jealous of a Zay Zay. She will always be there for you no matter what. Everyone thinks that a Zay Zay is bad news but she really is the sweetest person ever!
Hey have you seen that girl Zay Zay she is so beautiful and cool
by Google dictionary’s November 8, 2018
A Zayed is a funny, intelligent and loving person, a Zayed is loved by all people especially the ladies. Zayed's often come into a room and brighten it up with their amazing vibes and charisma. Zayeds are always spoken about highly.
zayed, "hey there guys hows ur day been"
people, "not too good but since ur here we're all happy now :)"
by Supimwatchingu March 25, 2019
Zai is a person who is very lovable, kind and caring. People like him are rare and we sure as heck need more people like him! Attractive both on the inside and out. Good listener and will never leave a friend behind. God bless Zai.
I wish i was like him, he is such a Zai.
by Heckerheck July 29, 2017