Zay is the short form of the russian word "Zayebis." Translated into English, this would roughly equate the phrase "Shut the fuck up."
A: So, yesterday me and my girlfriend were talking, and she started telling me about her friend who went to high school with this other girl ...
B: ...ZAY!
by Mariopizza1 May 4, 2011
A beautiful girl who is usually blonde and short. She makes any guy with her the most lucky guy in the world.
I'm so lucky to have Zay :)
by DaKushkilla November 18, 2010
Zay is a short word for a dumb fuck. He is dumb af and gets pissed off easily. Period.
Zay is the biggest dumb fuck ive ever met. - Obama
by MeIsPerson May 28, 2020
Zay is a strong talented person.Zay will never break a girl's heart they always break his heart.
Yo Zay got his heart broken

Zay is really talented

You will never beat up Zay
by XxzayyowhatxX December 9, 2019
1. Someone who is obsessed with porn
Wow that Zay has a boner right now (i wonder why).
Don't be a Zay it's not appropriate but it is fun.
by Guiisawesome June 2, 2010
Twizzy son, newphew, little brother, and all the under ranks of Sir Twizzy
"You guys heard about Twizzy son?"
"Yeah ZAY"
by wsgfamstopplay October 31, 2021
The nickname of someone named Isaiah, Isiah, Xavier, Isaac, etc.
Random: Hey, what’s your name
Isaiah: My name is Isaiah but you can call me Zay.
Random: Okay what’s up Zay.
by Bubb2x March 23, 2019