It is ab Arab name associated by a prince or king.
This person is funny and likes joking around even when no one is in the mood for a joke.
This person is loved by girls greatly.
Zayed is not funny.
by Samir1234 February 06, 2017
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A cute , smart, loving person usually "zay" is tall asf and dresses very diffrent but very open minded
random person- zay were you get them shoes from ?
by world known 101 March 13, 2017
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A word sarcastically used to describe an individual who overcomes the odds or a seemingly impossible task.
Jason: Ehh. I'm the world's number 4 starcraft player in Singapore.

WhiteJack: Woah!!! zai sia....
BlackJack: Damn Zai....

Jason: I know. Smiles to himself
by the white jack March 06, 2008
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Slang for San Jose, CA. See San Jose.
"Oakland to Vallejo, Vallejo to the Zay, The Zay to the Sko’ AKA as the Bay" - Zion I from the song "The Bay".
by JVizzle May 06, 2007
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The unit of measurement used to determine how long it has been since someone (typically you or whoever you are talking to) busted a nut to zombie porn. One Zay is equivalent to the run time of Kyoto by Skrillex multiplied by 26.83.
My longest streak is only 22 Zays, I really need to work on myself.
by A SvddenZaz Account December 28, 2021
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steve: so who'd u hang out with last nite

luie:oh i was walking n talked to a zay on the street that i had never meet we got to know eachother then we went to a bar

steve: oh thats cool
by zay093814 July 18, 2011
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