Zay is a smart funny and cool person , zay is a person who can get mad very quickly and aggravated very quickly but is a very sweet person
"Zay is so cool just don't piss him off"
by Samanthasammy March 14, 2017
Someone who's able to overcome odd and impossiable tasks. Great listener and problem solver. This person is rather shy when it comes to girls they love or like.
Bill: your so zai dude
by clickmehere April 8, 2009
It is ab Arab name associated by a prince or king.
This person is funny and likes joking around even when no one is in the mood for a joke.
This person is loved by girls greatly.
Zayed is not funny.
by Samir1234 February 7, 2017
Some times funny, mostly annoying but a person that plays alot of games, a person that likes dragon ball, when you joke about him he always has to say something about it, Has to analyse a joke, only likes one person and hates everyone around him, Always starts verbal fights and calls everyone bald, he has big balls but acts like a pussy.
My friend is a Zayed
by BigJone June 21, 2021
A word sarcastically used to describe an individual who overcomes the odds or a seemingly impossible task.
Jason: Ehh. I'm the world's number 4 starcraft player in Singapore.

WhiteJack: Woah!!! zai sia....
BlackJack: Damn Zai....

Jason: I know. Smiles to himself
by the white jack March 7, 2008
A cute , smart, loving person usually "zay" is tall asf and dresses very diffrent but very open minded
random person- zay were you get them shoes from ?
by world known 101 March 13, 2017