A Zayed is a funny, intelligent and loving person, a Zayed is loved by all people especially the ladies. Zayed's often come into a room and brighten it up with their amazing vibes and charisma. Zayeds are always spoken about highly.
zayed, "hey there guys hows ur day been"
people, "not too good but since ur here we're all happy now :)"
by Supimwatchingu March 25, 2019
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It is ab Arab name associated by a prince or king.
This person is funny and likes joking around even when no one is in the mood for a joke.
This person is loved by girls greatly.
Zayed is not funny.
by Samir1234 February 7, 2017
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Some times funny, mostly annoying but a person that plays alot of games, a person that likes dragon ball, when you joke about him he always has to say something about it, Has to analyse a joke, only likes one person and hates everyone around him, Always starts verbal fights and calls everyone bald, he has big balls but acts like a pussy.
My friend is a Zayed
by BigJone June 21, 2021
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Zayed is extraterrestrial species in the planet known as Saudi Arabia characterized by its trophy hunting of other dangerous species for sport, including humans and its mothers vagina.
You see that zayed last friday night?
by wartotheend September 20, 2011
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Not very smart, always needs help
are u zayed or u just born like that
by SWIFTY_FLOW September 17, 2003
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usually, Zayeds often tend to be desperate for money, if it means ti throw their humanity and masculinity away. They enjoy going to shady alleys to give good blows, Zayeds like to sexualize everything they can to make as many moments as possible to be awkward.
Suck my dick like a true Zayed!
by ZayedLover69 January 30, 2019
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Zay Zay is a girl who everyone likes, she is very pretty and kind. All the boys want her and everyone wants to be friends with her. She loves to laugh and hangout with her friends. She is a baddie and people adore her. A lot of girls get jealous of a Zay Zay. She will always be there for you no matter what. Everyone thinks that a Zay Zay is bad news but she really is the sweetest person ever!
Hey have you seen that girl Zay Zay she is so beautiful and cool
by Google dictionary’s November 8, 2018
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