Slang for San Jose, CA. See San Jose.
"Oakland to Vallejo, Vallejo to the Zay, The Zay to the Sko’ AKA as the Bay" - Zion I from the song "The Bay".
by JVizzle May 6, 2007
The unit of measurement used to determine how long it has been since someone (typically you or whoever you are talking to) busted a nut to zombie porn. One Zay is equivalent to the run time of Kyoto by Skrillex multiplied by 26.83.
My longest streak is only 22 Zays, I really need to work on myself.
by A SvddenZaz Account December 29, 2022
steve: so who'd u hang out with last nite

luie:oh i was walking n talked to a zay on the street that i had never meet we got to know eachother then we went to a bar

steve: oh thats cool
by zay093814 July 18, 2011
A nigger that likes nice stinky shit, also he might steal ur money cus his Indian and hes the homie and we love him but his so fucking loud just stfu for once pls.
stop being such a zay u nigger.
by Mohamood The Homie July 15, 2021
A person that many “impostors” like to pretend as him/her.
Jimmy is an A Zai. People usually use his name in Kahoot.
by beluga the suzzi cat November 13, 2022
a formerly great company that manages structured products. they now outsource work and shit on employees with the best ideas. they are unlikely to survive the post financial crisis era.
my returns this year were great; i massively outperformed zais.
by east coast underpants gnome January 20, 2012
A term used for marijuana, whether you want to smoke or want to know if someone has weed.
Kyle: Yo whats up man?
Ronnie: Nothin much just smoked a spliff and a bong load... I'm so Zai'd


Chris: Yo what're you doin after school?
Austin: I don't know man... Wanna Zai?


Beau: Wanna smoke after school today?
Corey: I can't bro, don't have any zai man
by Ronkong October 11, 2010