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Webmaster of the internet. Ruler of the interwebs as a whole. Geeks pray to him for good fortune before embarking on technological crusades.
Oh mighty Zatch here my cry! Grant your blessings on this computer build! May my processor be quick and strong!
by Follower of the almighty Zatch October 15, 2008
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The ultimate experience by zach. Zatch is latin for β€˜zacchus truck’. Zacchus trucks are invented in prague by drunk gelled hair individuals. Saying Zatch five times fast is a sin.
My experience was zatched at a blink of an eye
by Hunkles June 18, 2018
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buy the domain for your travel vlog
Zatch is another word for a broad or female. Derived from the original name BIZATCH.
Gonepostal :Lets urinate on this zatches carpet

Gurbob : rgr that
by Gonepostal May 02, 2005
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