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Beyond fucked up...blacked out...drunk and ridiculous.
Kimmy was so zached that she woke up faced down in the middle of the park with nothing but a bra and panties on.

Consider yourslef zached when your pissing in the sink at 2:30 in the morning.
by stoney ek February 03, 2010
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To violently put something/person in its place. Usually resulting in improper functioning of said thing/person.
after playing a particularly frustrating game of halo 2, he got up and with unwavering intention picked up his Xbox and ZACHED it,big time.
by zach ar eye ah August 04, 2007
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The act of getting a TA for a Class that just spends three hours in a workshop and accomplishes nothing.
Bro, we just got Zached
by Mesane February 03, 2015
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