"Yvon" She's very thoughtful, creative and she's an independent woman. She likes being alone in a quiet place that only she knows, she likes watching the sunset there most of the time, she picks the flowers and talks to herself. It's her way of escaping from reality to ease her mind. She has a few friends but, she sometimes kept on ghosting them 'cause she hates being bothered. She overthinks a lot about the world and mostly her future which leads her to become confused and frightened for her ambition in life. She has spend most of her life thinking but she can't seem to find the moment when she finally realized what her heart truly desires to achieve in her life. Either way, she's a strong woman, who'll be known for her courageous trait.
She's unique, her name must be Yvon.
by anonymouslycecile May 15, 2022
"Yvon" is a rare name wich is usually a really hot guy who is always there for you in your time of needs and will allways give you good dick if you ask for it. Yvon is a outgoing guy who usually like young men and women and can enjoy any type of sex.
Dude I asked yvon for dick..... I can't feel my vagina.
by phillTHYthrill January 9, 2020
Yvon is an really smart pretty cute girl who has a lot of friends
Yvon is so hef10
by Asiangirl07 November 1, 2019
To take something ordinary and elevate it to extraordinary. To make something spectacular, inspiring, brilliant, dazzling, and magnificent.
She yvonned the web site and it became #1!

She yvonned me, so we had no choice but to go out for champagne!
by Stushi August 13, 2008
A dirty ass Frenchy from the 18th century who travels with his fuckboy Tommy and dog
How should I know how to use Yvon Of The Yukon in a sentence?
by FoopGoop June 28, 2020
Bottom Feeder. Ears so big they can fly you to the moon. Professional rainbow player.
Kyle Yvon's ears are huuuuge!
by spies123 May 13, 2019
When work needs to be done this person is found in the bathroom pretending to be using it.
When the dishes needed to be done, Jahred was yvonning.
by Karenorgaard December 24, 2018