Limerick slang, a form of saying "yes" or celebrating soemthing
"yurt lads, she was some ride last night" *raises glass*
by alrightladswhatsthecraic February 18, 2017
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A way of showing excitement for something.
Im going to a party tommorow, YURTTT!
by Omgggggangsavagrpoopp July 2, 2018
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A word most commonly used in Ireland which can be used as a substitute for "yes" or to imply that something (such as a few pints, joints or rollies with the lads) is of a very high standard or is particularly enjoyable
"Well lad you heading out to the pub tonight?"

"Awh lads this is a class joint, yurt"
by MichaelReillyLynch August 15, 2017
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(noun) Often confused with a penis, a Yurt is a mobile home for a young bro who sleeps in the woods and rejects democracy. The finest Yurt requires a recycled hammock, a bottle of whisky, half a mosquito net, and a safety hammock underneath, for when your hammock eventually breaks.
My Yurt ain't no joke - sleep the wrong way and it will fuck you !
by mannier August 31, 2010
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Verb; to hookup, make out, snog
Oh my god he's so hot i wanna yurt with him.
How many ppl have you yurted with?
Is Moses trynna yurt right now cause I’m down.
by Yurtmaster69 September 28, 2019
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A type of tent. But it is also used when cool kids say something then they have to finish every sentence with yurt. It’s the law sweetie in cool kid world, get used to it
“Omg that’s so funny! Yurt!” Says the cool kid
by Hallo mate January 14, 2019
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