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Yudi otherwise known as hannah, she is the girl everyone loves. Shes gorgous,smart, funny, loud, halerious, and overall amazing. A yudi is commonly extremley popular yet still loves her unpopular friends. Yudi is Forgiving, Loving, Special,Brilliant, Humble, Honest, Down to Earth, Friendly, Adorable, My Best Friend.
oh thats a Yudi
by itgirl1232 October 06, 2010
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A word that is derived from the popular song "Best I Ever Had" by Drake (when he sings "you the you the best" it sounds like "yudi you the best"). It is often used to describe someone really great at sex and/or sexually oriented activities.
All the girls around the campus called me a Yudi after I was done with them.
by Zoider November 02, 2009
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a an awkward girl with a sense of humor and everyone loves and can be annoying but you love her any ways and most of all sexy.
She is sooooo Yudis, man.
by yj February 05, 2012
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A guy who has the biggest testicles and love to eat pussy. An extraordinary guy that is very friendly but his testicles smell like a piece of rotten sushi.
by youknowmedoyou February 16, 2015
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