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A girl thats always there for you. Slightly nerdy but such a sweatheart. Can sometimes have achne but in your head your like thank god because if they didnt they'd be the msot gorgous girl alive. Did i mention they are exctremley tall?
Do you see that girl over there? Shes so pretty!
Yeah i know: thats a Joelle.
by itgirl1232 September 22, 2010

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Yudi otherwise known as hannah, she is the girl everyone loves. Shes gorgous,smart, funny, loud, halerious, and overall amazing. A yudi is commonly extremley popular yet still loves her unpopular friends. Yudi is Forgiving, Loving, Special,Brilliant, Humble, Honest, Down to Earth, Friendly, Adorable, My Best Friend.
oh thats a Yudi
by itgirl1232 October 06, 2010

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