1. Dying due to complications from plastic surgery.
2. Undergoing medical or medi-spa procedures to look younger.
The sixty-year old actress was youthanized; her heart stopped during her fifth face lift operation.

After the patient received her Botox injections she thanked the nurse for youthanizing her.
by August Stockton November 8, 2011
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The action of editing or transforming an action, place or idea to appeal to younger generations. Youthanize may be used to describe how a room needs to be spiced up to appeal the younger generation.
This room looks a little boring, we should youthanize it! Maybe paint the walls vibrant colors, add a chalkboard and a large screen TV.
by youthanizethatyouthroom July 9, 2019
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To hit a Sumerian in the back of the neck with a needle full of a strange solution forcing them to shed and become a child again.
He hit him point blank in the back of the neck to youthanize him.
by pornstitute March 16, 2023
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anything that makes your face light up with enthusiasm, smiles, joy and excitement. Stuff you do that makes you feel younger than you really are.
youthanize youthanization youthanizer
by CreativEverything April 21, 2015
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To "fatally" screw up someone's "natural" or "normal" progression into maturity; two of the most common forms of this abuse are to either invalidly/excessively tell a tender/naive-minded little one to "grow up already", or to put down an adult by "treating him like a five-year-old".
I signed up for adult-counselling in an effort to get my social screws tightened, and they did an excellent job --- one big way they helped me was to teach me to recognize when others were trying to youthanize me, and then simply disregard these verbal barbs so that they could no longer hurt me emotionally.
by QuacksO May 18, 2019
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Any of the slang or juxtopposed words that people, mostly young make up and use every day.
The youthanisms of today just confuse me.
by IM1RU September 18, 2010
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Putting down a stupid child who behaves so badly that he deserves to die.
"These children are f*cking up my class! I'm going to youthanize these animals!"
by ColdBeerWarmGun May 22, 2010
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