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You are fat Alyssa
by Nicholas ammo44 June 05, 2019
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An insult toward bitter females, who may or may not be fat and/or ugly, that think they are above people who are more attractive and can attract the opposite sex easily. They also generalize about people to make themselves feel better.
Bitter Female: "In my books all pretty boys and weight lifters are jerks. They think they are so great, if one tried to walk up to me I would ignore them."

Random Person: "You sound fat, those types of guys would not want to talk to you in the first place."
by Lance Bozeman July 18, 2005
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Use of calling someone "Friend"
Turing of a adjective into a noun
Hey whats up, you fat.
by Mobius October 09, 2003
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Someone eating or aquiring comically large and/or frequent amounts of food, or appearing to do so.
Must be said with a south-west english accent (Cornwall, Devon, etc.)
Only works with the 'You' at the front, and only happens with 'You' and 'Bif' on one note, and 'fat'and 'fer' on a higher one.
There's no real emphasis anywhere, and it's deadpan despite the humourous intent.
"4 pints. And a pie."
"You fat biffer."
by davev July 03, 2005
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An effective rebuttal used by a man who has just been denied dancing privileges with the woman of his choice in a noisy club.
Man (yelling over the music): "DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?"
Woman (with a disgusted look on her face): "Not a chance!"

by What the ? February 22, 2006
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Sarcastic way of saying you don’t like someone (because the person was never fat)
Jim: Fred I liked you better when you were fat
Fred: I never was fat
Jim:I know, I never liked you
by USA1010 September 24, 2020
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A random response to any question or statement thrown at you by others.

Something you say to make it sound as if the other person is trying to insult you, even if they're not.
Guy: I like your shirt.
Girl: Are you calling me fat?

Girl: Your hair looks shorter.
Guy: Are you calling me fat?
by K_Lizzle November 13, 2006
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