The art of having no expression on your face no matter the hilarity or other reactions you are causing in your audience.
Tim George is so deadpan. I'd bet he'd be good at poker.
by Megz n Denzer July 9, 2004
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Dry humor with a blank expressionless face. This type of humor is common among shy and socially indifferent people. Includes other elements of humor ranging from shy humor, sarcastic even macabre humor and other personal characteristics which makes it unique to the individual. Deadpan humor is one of the most complex and to many enigmatic comedy styles as only a select few truly understand it enough to appreciate it for it's brilliance.
Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera and Stephen Colbert are some of the best deadpan comedians alive.
by Jessica Cole December 6, 2007
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I style of humour, also known as dry humour.

It involves saying something funny, but not changing ones facial expressions or emotions.

Stephen Colbert often uses deadpan.
Stephen Colbert (in ultra-serious, blank face): "I cannot see through all of this liberty."
*audience laughs*
Stephen Colbert (in ultra-serious, blank face): "Yes, I excell at deadpan humour."
by Jack Townshend January 10, 2007
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Having no expression on one's face. Just a blank/empty look.
by Cinnamon & Sugar May 21, 2005
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1. (n) A pan that has been brutally murdered, or possibly that has died of natural causes, such as by accidental melting and/or by trampling underneath a crowd of people engaged in a furious riot of extreme pan-demonium

2. (n) The subject of Captain Hook's psychedelic wet dreams contained in scenes from the 1992 film Hook, starring Robin Williams, that were deleted in order to prevent the film from having an X-rating, despite repeated time travel protests from Abraham Lincoln in which he claimed that such removal would needlessly compromise the film's substantial artistic integrity
1. Steve the Municipal Pan Coroner: "While the cause of death remains unknown, one thing is certain, which is that this particular pan is pretty much totally dead, and therefore shall heretofore be referred to as a deadpan."

2. Abraham Lincoln: "Man the director's cut of that movie was so much better than the one that the greedy Hollywood water-downers released to the moronic public. If I were alive today I would probably open up a whole nother can of civil war whoopass over that as well as the fact that they totally edited out Julia Roberts' boobies."
by securatah September 15, 2010
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An adjective some people like to use about themselves whenever they realize they are too direct and lack goodwill.
Bob: What does "MIC" means?
Steeve: Maybe stop asking and start searching?
Bob: Damn... You're savage. Is everyone in this Discord server as unwelcoming as you are?
Steeve: More like deadpan
by RandomPerson3123314 March 28, 2021
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A pan that has had so much food burnt in it that it is no longer usable, due to the thick layer of black crap on its surface.
Ah, man. I'm such a lousy cook. Got another deadpan to throw out.
by Valor Rosa March 28, 2007
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