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A term that is used to describe an attractive girl.

She is a sexy, cute, and smart girl that people adore. Yona is also a term to describe popular girl. She's humorous and has a bright personality. Yona is normally used by school students.
"Did you see yona, that attractive and popular girl? Shes sexy! Look at her hot body"
by yg378 May 24, 2017
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a term which means long dick. Used to describe a person with a nice outgoing attitude. Yonas is a bit of a pervert, but he is a really nice and humorous guy.
"Damn that yonas is so huge!" "I want to fuck that Yonas!"
by BUI09 April 11, 2017
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1)The Cherokee word for bear. The way it is said defines the size of the bear. "Yona" said in a clam or even affectionate inflection means small, and if shouted with fear, means that this bear is going to rip you apart if you don't run.

2)The name of a mountain in the Appalachian mountains
1) The man ran out of the woods screaming "YONA!" And we all knew to run

2) The hike up Mt. Yona was georgous today
by BeanDipFishNerd April 17, 2017
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