A very attractive, average to tall guy with a mesmerizing smile, gorgeous hair, and a sharp beard. Yonas is very cute, popular, wild, and sweet but can be annoying and dramatic sometimes. He is very straightforward and does not mess around with hypocrisy, but something scary about him is that he is always thinking, and nobody knows what goes on inside his mind. Yonas is most of the time a Cancerian or a Leo, giving him the extra summer flavor.
It is so difficult to find someone who does not talk about Yonas at least once a week.
My best friend is Yonas; he is very trustworthy.
by smallmami June 21, 2020
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A Yonas is a very loving, and respectful person with an amazing sense of humor. He likes to be around his friends and loves to mess around and cause trouble in public. However, this motherfuck likes to change his personality and friend group in the blink of an eye.
Yonas is such a fun person. Only if was a bit more smarter when it comes to his decisions in life.
by Keepss November 20, 2019
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Yonas,meaning a cute and funny person who is always happy. Yonas has a nice heart and a caring personality,yonas also is a gentleman and very sweet To his loved ones.Yonas is usually has a big dick and a very freaky guy.
by S.y.b October 12, 2018
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a term which means long dick. Used to describe a person with a nice outgoing attitude. Yonas is a bit of a pervert, but he is a really nice and humorous guy.
"Damn that yonas is so huge!" "I want to fuck that Yonas!"
by BUI09 April 12, 2017
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A yona can be a girl or a boy, but the amazing best friend yona is a girl! She is tall and gorgeous! If you meet a Yona that becomes your best friend you just might be the luckiest person to walk on the planet! If you find a Yona never let go❤️
Your lucky you have a Yona
by Pinkchickensoup24 January 27, 2019
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A term that is used to describe an attractive girl.

She is a sexy, cute, and smart girl that people adore. Yona is also a term to describe popular girl. She's humorous and has a bright personality. Yona is normally used by school students.
"Did you see yona, that attractive and popular girl? Shes sexy! Look at her hot body"
by yg378 May 24, 2017
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1)The Cherokee word for bear. The way it is said defines the size of the bear. "Yona" said in a clam or even affectionate inflection means small, and if shouted with fear, means that this bear is going to rip you apart if you don't run.

2)The name of a mountain in the Appalachian mountains
1) The man ran out of the woods screaming "YONA!" And we all knew to run

2) The hike up Mt. Yona was georgous today
by BeanDipFishNerd April 18, 2017
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