their zodiac sign is Cancer. they are the sweetest, will love you to the absolute fullest, will beat your ass if they have to, kind af, the best friend, a popular loner, likes their feelings, probably has social anxiety since their not use to being around people. Their dads are usually Scorpios and their most compatible with Capricorns.

The funny thing is Capricorn and Cancers are the middle of the years. So it likes to go likes that. Because end of June is Cancer and the end of December is Capricorn which is 6 months apart. So a Gemini would probably go with a Scorpio! Also, they are the Cancer and Capricorn line on earth thingy
Guy 1: Do you like *insert name*?
Guy 2: Hell yeah, she's so kind, my girl bestfriend and is so cute and sensitive
Guy 1: Really? Her zodiac sign must be Cancer. You don't get many boy cancers.
Guy 2: A Cancerian! I'm a Capricorn

Guy 1: Dude, you and your 'best friend' are the utmost compatible
by theroadmaninmysnap June 3, 2020
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