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To be in a state of extreme muscular fitness. Derived from either the word "yoke", a wooden beam placed between two testosterone -filled oxen to allow them to pull massive loads OR "yolk", the yellow, protein-filled center of an egg often used as part of the diet to arrive at supreme muscular fitness.
I heard that a lot of yolked bros are switching to organic muscle milk.
by theillromanesco May 17, 2015
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Hitting the gym and working your ass off for as long as you can in attempt to see improvement in a short period of time.
"Theres a hot tub party tommorow. Lets get yolked for all the babes!"
by $w3g December 15, 2013
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When someone is peed and cummed on at the same time.
Person 1: Yo, Johnny what happened to you.

Johnny: I just got yolked my dude.
by IttybittyCancer June 12, 2018
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