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A Yiannis is a "pimpin" Greek male. A Yiannis is the coolest person you will ever meet, so treat them well and do as they say.
Damn girl, did you see Yiannis? Holla.
by Sixty Four February 06, 2004
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A Greek name, usually for a strong, handsome male.
Yianni's usually play the bass, but have been known to play the pan flute on occasion (see: Yianni: Master of the Pan Flute).

Full of knowledge, and is secretly a ninja. (but don't tell anybody, its all very hush hush).
Guy: "Hey Yianni! What ever happened to your dream of being a ninja?"
Yianni: *Nods head, smiles, and walks away to save the world from a threat they didn't even know existed*
by panflute February 03, 2010
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Some guy who is has the best laugh and is always there to make you smile.
Guy: Have you've heard Yianni's laugh?
Other guy: No, why?
Guy: You're missing out!
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by yians2034820 November 14, 2019
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Yiannis-Greek male- Sweetest guy, cute, smart, and funny. Love talking to Yiannis. Best guy ever.
i t yjr nrdy
by what isnt my name May 26, 2004
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To pull a 'Yianni', when something unexpected happens and results in a positive outcome.
See pool, when a player aims for one pocket, misses and it ends up in another, this would be called a Yianni.

A player will never admit to pulling a Yianni but will always claim it as skill.
by coehlo December 21, 2009
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Yianni is banger of a friend they are Greek and pay attention in class but are extremely homosexual πŸ˜‚
1: Yo did you see Yianni

2: Yeah he’s a fucking legend aye but isn’t he a bit homo

1:!Nah fam a friend just wanted to fuck with him
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